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PLA Biodegradable Material

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PLA Biodegradable Material

PLA,also known as polylactic acid fiber, has excellent drapability,smoothness,misture absorption and air permeability.natural bacteriostasis and skin reassuring weak.acid.good heat resistance and UV resistance, the fiber does not use petroleum and other chemical raw materials. and its waste can be decomposed into water under the action of microprganisms in soil and sea water. which will not pollute the earth's environment,because the initial raw material of the fiber is starch, its regeneration cycle is short. about one to two years, and its content in the atmosphere can be reduced by plant photosynthesis. the combustion heat of PLA fiber is about one third of that of polyethylene and polypropylene PLA fiber uses natural renewable plant resources as raw materials. which reduces the dependence on traditional oil rescources and meets the requirements of sustainable development of the international community, it has the advantages of both synthetic fiber and natural fiber, and has the characteristics of complete natural circulation and biodegradation, compared with conventional fiber materials. core fiber has many unique properties. so it is widely valued by the international textile industry it is used for biodegradable nonwovens such as masks. surgial table cloths. disposable isolation gowns, bed sheet. kimono, bathrobe. disposable cutting cape. disposable underwear and so on.

Material: 100% PLA palylactic acid

Weight: 20-200gsm

Color: all colors can be customized.

Characteristics: Non-toxic,easy degradation, Eco-Friendly

Kindly contact with topmed if you have the requirement of disposable products with PLA mateiral.thank you! 

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