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Disposable Face Mask with Eyeshield Anti-Fog And Eye-Protective with Tie on

Protect eyes and face from fluid,with good anti-fog ability
  • M1008

  • OEM/ODM Service

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* Fluid-resistant procedure mask from TOPMED reduces concerns of liquid splashes during surgeries with fluid resistance of 160 mmHg
* Free from latex to ensure safety of clinicians; loops secure mask behind ears and pleated layers work together to improve comfort and breathability
* Mask inhibits fogging to maintain clarity of vision; filtration efficiency of over 99 percent for particulate matter helps keep users safe
* Wrap-around eye shield offers peripheral protection from splatters
* Mask is one-size-fits-most and intended for single use
Fluid-Resistant Procedure Masks

Protect Wearer from Fluid Splashes

The fluid-resistant procedure masks are made from a fabric that protects the wearer from fluid splashes during surgeries or procedures. The fabric is rated for fluid-resistance at 160 millilmeters of mercury, which is Level 3 protection. The material also helps inhibit fogging to keep vision clear. In addition, the wraparound plastic shield on the mask protects the skin and eyes from any liquid splashes while keeping peripheral vision unobstructed.

Antifog for Clear View

The mask material resists fogging to keep the wearer's vision clear, and the plastic shield above the mask also resists fogging while providing additional protection so no view is obstructed. The plastic shield wraps around the side of the head and past the eyes to protect the peripheral position while also inhibiting fluids from striking the face or head. The single-use procedure masks meet Level 3 safety requirements for protection and are disposable.

Secure and Comfortable Fit

The TOPMED fluid-resistant procedure masks are designed to protect the wearer and be comfortable as well. The fabric is
soft and breathable and pleated for extra protection. The material also allows for ease of movement and fluid resistance. The masks have stretchable ear loops for adjusting the fit for comfort for nearly any wearer. The masks are single use and disposable.They meet Level 3 protection requirements for safety.
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