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The choice of Isolation gowns’ raw materials

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The choice of Isolation gowns’ raw materials

Disposable isolation gown is in increasing demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it is very important for patient care during infection control efforts.The isolation gown is disposable and protective when worn correctly. It can be worn while working in patient rooms as well as during patient transportation, meals ,visiting people and other functions.

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l  Basic information of isolation gown

l  Strengths of the isolation gown’s fabric

l  Pattern characteristics of isolation gown

Basic information of isolation gown

Isolation gown, also known as clean work gown, clean work gown, purification clothing, dust-free clothing, aseptic clothing, anti-static work gown, dust-free work gown, separate work gown, protective clothing and so on.Besides gown itself can't be send out dust source, it also have to prevent the human body is sending out the effect of the dust, and at the same time as a smock, on materials and design should have safety protection, comfort, convenience and aesthetic performance, or because of work clothing styles, fabrics and sterile underwear, directly affect the clean indoor dust and colony count.Isolation gown is widely used in electronics, pharmaceutical, food, biological engineering, optics, aerospace, aviation, color tube, semiconductor, precision machinery, plastic, paint, hospital, environmental protection and other industries clean workshop, there are a variety of colors and specifications for different anti-static or clean environment.

Strengths of the isolation gown’s fabric

(1)     The fabric itself does not produce dust: because it is worn in the clean room, it is required that the fabric cannot become the source of dust in the clean room, which determines that the ultra-clean fabric can only be produced with long fibers synthesized by chemistry. Short natural fibers such as cotton, hemp and silk cannot be used in ultra-clean fabrics, although these materials can make fabrics more wearable. At the same time, the chemical fiber filament should be strictly controlled. Generally speaking, full extinction polyester filament is not suitable for anti - static ultra - clean fabric. Because the bleaching agent added in polyester production - titanium dioxide will become a source of pollution.That's how PP isolation gown and PP+PE isolation gown were born.They have chemical resistance, heat resistance, electrical insulation and good high wear resistance, etc., and they are the best raw materials for isolation gown.

(2)     The fabric should have good dust filter: the dust in clean room mainly comes from the indoor flowing air and the human body in the indoor activities. When the equipment conditions are determined, to improve cleanliness means to minimize the tiny dust generated by the human body inside the clothing, allowing it to pass through the fabric into the air. This is called the fabric of high dust filter rate. Increasing the dust filter rate is at the expense of fabric permeability, so knitted fabrics and loosely woven fabrics are not suitable for clean rooms.

Pattern characteristics of isolation gown

(1)     Original factory and silk processing technology, excellent anti-static performance, permanent, can effectively release the electrostatic charge of human body;

(2)     The clothing itself is not dust, non-sticky dust, good barrier, high density, high strength, effective sterilization, antibacterial

(3)     Good washing resistance, bending resistance, wear resistance and other properties, cleaning resistance ≥100 times, high temperature steam temperature: 120℃;

(4)     Special equipment all-inclusive sewing process, forming once, dustproof is good, can be used for 10-10000 class purification room;

(5)     Especially recommend the production and sales of breathable antistatic clean clothes.

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