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The basic knowledge of surgical gown

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The basic knowledge of surgical gown

The fabric used in the surgical gown belongs to the shielding fabric for medical use, mainly focusing on the barrier performance. Barrier properties include the ability to prevent penetration of liquids and microorganisms. Medical staff in medical aid, inevitably will contact with patients' blood and body fluids, patients' blood and body fluids often may carry HBV(hepatitis B virus), HCV(hepatitis C virus) and HIV(AIDS virus) and other pathogens.Therefore, the surgical gown is one of the indispensable tools in the operation process.

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l  The performance of surgical gown

l  Method of wearing surgical gown

l  The categories and material of surgical gown

The performance of surgical gown

(1)     Barrier performance:It mainly refers to the protective performance of surgical gown.Reinforced surgical gown has strengthened its protective force on the original basis.

(2)     Comfort performance:It includes air permeability, water vapor penetration, drape, quality, surface thickness, electrostatic properties, color, reflectance, odor and skin sensitization, as well as the effect of design and sewing in garment processing.

(3)     Adsorption performance:It is the key to the gown area, its material to generate the spillage of liquid adsorption in the operation, and the water vapor in the air and mist equipment using colloidal particles of dust, such as electric knife (smoke) surgery to reduce the harmful substances in the air diffusion, and thus patients with incision site infection and risk of infection of medical staff.

Method of wearing surgical gown

(1)     Put your hands into the sleeve hole and keep the operating coat away from your body until it is completely opened;

(2)     Stretch your hands and forearms into your sleeves, straighten your hands, level with your shoulders, and away from your body;

(3)     Turn your back to the nurse, and let the nurse pull the surgical gown over the shoulder. It should be noted that the nurse's hand can not touch the outside of the surgical gown during the operation, but only touch the gown inside.

(4)     If the step of wearing medical gloves is exposed, expose the hand cuff; If using closed gloves, the hand should be at the edge of the cuff and the cuff should be taut.

(5)     Sort out the fixed belt, tie the inner belt;

(6)     After putting on the gloves, hold the card with both hands, then separate the outer band on the left side from the card, and then hold the outer band with the right hand;

(7)     Hand the card to the touring nurse, turn left 270 degrees, and then the touring nurse will fully unfold the belt;

(8)     Find the belt that the circuit nurse just took and inserted and tied up the straps on both sides of the surgical gown;

(9)     After tying, the surgical gown is also worn, and the operation can be carried out at this time.

The categories and material of surgical gown

Surgical gown can be divided into repetitive surgical gown and disposable surgical gown according to their use. The materials of reusable surgical gown are ordinary cotton fabric, high density polyester fiber fabric and PE, TPU, PTFE multi-layer laminating-film composite surgical gown. Disposable surgical gown are mainly SMS surgical gown, SMS non-woven surgical gown, reinforcement is non-woven composite material.

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