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TOPMED new products -- Surgical Drapes,Pack and Kits

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TOPMED new products -- Surgical Drapes,Pack and Kits

Following TOPMED growing up, we increase new products of disposable surgical drapes and operating packs in 2017, including general operating drape and pack and various professional operating pack.Our new factory has a 13,000-square-meter, 100,000 grade and meets the GMP requirements’ clean workshop and over 200 skilled workers,In the future, disposable surgical drape and surgical packs will become one of main products of TOPMED and the proportion of surgical drapes and surgical packs will be over 50%.Welcome all of the customers to our factory for reference and inspection, and establish to make long-term friendly cooperative relations with all customers.

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Our new products include but are not limited to the following products:

Surgical Drape -- Aperture Drape, U Drape,Angiography Drape, Ophthalmic Drape, ENT Split Drape, Cystoscopy Drape, T.U.R. Drape, Extremity Drape, HIP Drape, Craniotomy Drape, Laparotomy Drape

Surgical Pack -- General Surgery Pack, C-section Pack, Laparotomy Pack(Transverse Incision), Laparotomy Pack(Upright Incision), Birth Pack, Laparoscopy Pack, Angiography Pack, Delivery Pack, Delivery Pack with Pouch, Lithotomic Gynaecology Pack, Lithotomic Gynaecology/Cystoscopy Pack, Caesarean Section Pack, TUR Pack(Urology Set), By-Pass Pack, Heart Valve Surgery Pack, HIP Pack, Arthroscopy Pack With Pouch, E.N.T Pack, Single Pouch Ophthalmic Pack, Implant Pack


TOPMED is a powerful factory that have rich experience and strong financial support in disposable nonwoven products field.

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