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Splash Resistant Epidemic Control PP Protective Clothes

Spec: 21",blue,15g/M2
Pkg: 100pcs/bag, 1000pcs/ctn
  • M1001

Nonwoven caps are made by molding,finishing and packing etc, the main material is PP non-woven, the material has many  good properties, such as soft. clean, good filtration and uniformity and waterproof. They are not sensitive to human beings, difficult to fluff.  They don’t have any peculiar smell, other matters and primary color . in a word. They are desirable sanitatary materials. They have enough strength and good waterproof. They are used in a convenient way, the cost is cheap, and they have good ventilation and can be stored in a long period, different people can choose the appropriate size according the figure. They are used for patients to wear. So they can block and provent the body fluid, blood and secretion from the potential infectious sufferers.

Disposable caps

Name: Disposable doctor cap
Material: Spunlace/SMS/PP
Gram weight: 14G-30g
Color: White/blue/green
Pattern: With elastic or with tie on
Description: It can prevent hairs falling, suit for any hair style, and mainly used for disposable medical
Other Products: Bouffant cap/clip cap/mob cap/worker cap/doctor cap/nylon cap/sister cap/fascia/shower cap, etc.



PP for disposable nonwoven caps, disposable PE for shower caps


white/blue/yellow/green or as your request


10g. - 30g. disposable non-woven fabric


18", 20", 21", 24", 28"


crimped/pleated/clip bouffant cap, nursing cap


for medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, laboratorial, industrial sector


0.014 - 0.05mm for PE shower caps, 10 - 50g. for nonwoven caps

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