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Multiple applications of CPE gown

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Multiple applications of CPE gown

The novel coronavirus is transmitted mainly by respiratory droplets, but also by contact, and isolation gown is one of the main means of stopping transmission. The upstream link of isolation gown is non-woven fabric, and the most upstream raw material is high fusion finger fiber polypropylene. The middle reaches are non-woven SMS manufacturers, and the lower reaches of the industrial chain are isolation gown manufacturers. Now let's look at it in all its aspects.

Here is the connect:

  • Introduction to CPE material

  • Why can CPE be used as isolation gown?

  • When could we use CPE gown?

Introduction to CPE material

CPE is chlorinated polyethylene, which is a kind of crystalline or microcrystalline white fine granular elastomer produced by replacing hydrogen atoms in special high density polyethylene with chlorine atoms. It is a saturated polymer material, white powder, non-toxic and tasteless, with excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance and aging resistance.It also has good oil resistance, flame retardant and coloring properties. Good toughness, good compatibility with other polymer materials, high decomposition temperature. Therefore, it can be filled into other resins as compatibilizers.

Why can CPE be used as isolation gown

1. Waterproofness: PEC waterproof suit supporting special polymer cement .Waterproof adhesive paste, adhesive itself has waterproof, is a good Waterproof layer, it can close the wool seam hole of the base, it can also play the role of dense base, and waterproof suit to form an unbreakable composite waterproof layer, waterproof effect is excellent.Good water resistance is also very important for isolation gown.

2. Aging resistance: It can be used in severe weather and harsh environment, and has sufficient resistance to ozone.Therefore, in today's pandemic environment, this feature enhances the CPE isolation gown’s resistance, also injected a contribution to the fight against the epidemic.

3. Performance of plastic and rubber: CPE has the dual properties of plastic and rubber, and has good compatibility with other plastics and rubber, so most of CPE is used with rubber or plastic except for a few main materials. Plastic CPE gown is a good example.

When could we ues CPE gown?

CPE gown is mainly used in hospitals.With the COVID-19 outbreak, it is in greater demand and more widely used.For example,When we do nucleic acid,the medical staff and volunteers are wearing disposable CPE gown. Again for instance,doctors must wear CPE isolation gown when they perform operations,in order to ensure the aseptic state of the whole operation,so as to ensure the safety of patients.Of couse, when we visiting a patient, entering a special ward or operating room,we should wear it,too.Besides,the waterproof gown can also be worn when traveling in the rain.

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