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Isolation gown’s past and present

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Isolation gown’s past and present

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  • Some details of isolation gown

  • The development of isolation gown

  • Classification standard of isolation gown

Some details of isolation gown

Nowadays a standard isolation gown has the nature of easy to wear and strong protection. And the isolation gown in TOPMED adds finer details on top of that, for example, kitted cuffs, the loose cuff design makes it fitter and reduces the number of choke marks on the wearer's wrist. The stitching with ultrasonic welding makes the whole isolation gown more tightly connected while enhancing the protection. The collar with hook & loop is also worth mentioning, this detail makes isolation gown more user-friendly and convenient for the wearer. In addition, there are waist lace and so on.

The development of isolation gown

More than 100 years ago, hospitals began using specialized surgical isolation gown to prevent microbes from invading sterile operating rooms and to protect patients from bacteria brought in by medical staff. In 1952, William C.Beck pointed out that the material of the surgical isolation gown should be able to block the entry of fluids. In the past, surgical gowns were resistant to bacteria when dry, but not when wet. During World War II, the United States Army developed a high-density fabric treated with fluorocarbon and benzene compounds to enhance its waterproof performance. After the war, civil hospitals began to use these fabrics as fabrics for medical isolation gown. Since the 1980 s, the human knowledge of HIV (HIV), HBV (hepatitis B virus), HCV (hepatitis C virus), and other blood borne pathogens into people pay more and more attention to medical personnel in the process of treating patients may be the risk of infection, so countries started to focus on the development of medical isolation gown, isolation gown industry has been booming. In particular, during the outbreak of SARS(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) in 2003, there were repeated cases of medical workers being infected, which made people realize the importance of self-protection. Nowadays, with the coronavirus outbreak, it has spilled over into everyday life, personal protective isolation gown appeared. Its raw materials have also strengthened, such as PP isolation gown and PP+PE isolation gown.

Classification standard of isolation gown

1. Classification by use: According to use and use occasion can be divided into daily work clothes, surgical gown, isolation gown and protective isolation gown. Daily overalls refer to the white coats worn by medical staff in their daily work, also known as white coats. Surgical gown is specially designed clothing worn in the operating room. Isolation gown refers to the clothing worn by medical staff when they are in contact with patients or when family members visit patients. Protective gown refers to the clothing worn by personnel in special areas such as medical emergency, infectious disease area and electromagnetic radiation area.

2. Classification by service life: According to service life, medical isolation gown can be divided into disposable isolation gown and reusable protective gown. The standard of disposable isolation gown for medical use in China is YY/T 0506-2016 "Surgical Sheets, Surgical Gowns and Clean Gowns for Patients, medical Staff and Instruments" issued by the State Food and Drug Administration and implemented since January 1, 2017. The medical disposable isolation gown complies with the technical requirements of GB19082-2009 designated by Standardization Administration of China and implemented since March 1st, 2010. Disposable isolation gown is discarded immediately after use without disinfection and washing, which is convenient to use and can avoid cross infection. However, disposable materials degrade slowly and easily cause environmental pollution. Usually, surgical gowns and isolation clothes with high protective requirements are mostly used in this type. After the use of repeated use type needs to be washed, high temperature disinfection and other measures, usually the comfort of the material is better, but the protective performance is usually poor, washing, disinfection process will also increase a lot of manpower and water costs, usually small protective requirements of the daily work clothes (white coat) more use this type.

3. According to the classification of materials: Medical isolation gown can be divided into woven and nonwoven protective gown according to the different processing technology of materials.

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