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How to choose your CPE isolation gown

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How to choose your CPE isolation gown

CPE isolation gown is a medical device that prevents the spread of communicable disease or contamination by separating the equipment and worker from the patient's body. It works by allowing air to flow freely through the barrier. This product is used by health professionals in order to provide protection against potential pathogens, as well as protect against common colds, influenza and other respiratory infections.

Here is the list:

  • Pay attention

  • Choose from quality

  • Choose from specifications

Pay attention

1. CPE isolation gown and protective clothing can only be put on and off in the specified area.

2. Check whether the CPE isolation gown and protective clothing are damaged before wearing; Don't let your sleeves touch your face and collar when wearing; If leakage or damage is found, it should be replaced in time; Pay attention to avoid pollution when taking off.

3. CPE isolation gown or protective clothing can be used continuously if there is no obvious pollution when contacting many patients with similar infectious diseases.

4. When contacting suspected patients, CPE isolation gown or protective clothing should be changed between contacting each patient.

5. When CPE isolation gown or protective clothing is contaminated by the patient's blood, body fluids and dirt, it should be replaced in time.

6. Repeatedly used CPE isolation gown should be replaced, cleaned and disinfected every day.

Choose from quality

1. Waterproofness: In this epidemic, the waterproof and breathable composite membrane material was used the most. This material mainly has two layers, spunbonded polypropylene and microporous breathable film. Spun-bonded polypropylene plays a physical supporting role; Microporous gas permeable membrane can allow small molecules such as air and water to pass through, but liquid or solid particles will be blocked, because the pores of the membrane are generally several microns. This is the waterproof gown.

2. Protective force: Because CPE isolation gown protects the body and skin, the protective force is the most important index. There are many joints on the CPE isolation gown such as sewing, hemming, stickers, and double-sided stickers. Needle holes will be exposed in sewing and hemming, and when a large amount of liquid is splashed, it will penetrate through the needle holes, so CPE isolation gown with strips must be selected.

3. Gas permeability: Good gas permeability enhances the comfort of the wearer. In addition, although the CPE gown made of breathable non-woven fabrics can block particles and aerosols, for example, Covid-19 is mainly transmitted by droplets, and breathable CPE isolation gown can provide as much comfort as possible while providing protection. However, in the face of Ebola, a virus transmitted through blood and body fluids, this breathable protective clothing provides very limited protection.

4. Service life: The material of CPE isolation gown determines whether it is strong or not. We can choose multilayer composite film materials as far as possible.Its compressive strength well prolongs its service life.

Choose from specifications

CPE isolation gown has a variety of specifications to choose from, and you need to choose what you need according to your own conditions. Besides, children have their own CPE gown with special specifications.

CPE isolation gown in TOPMED, its type of material can be adapted to the needs of each customer. The outer material is made of cotton lycra, which means it has a very high level of wetting resistance, low thermal conductivity and excellent comfort.

TOPMED is a powerful factory that have rich experience and strong financial support in disposable nonwoven products field.

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