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How to choose an effective face mask

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How to choose an effective face mask

With the start of a new round of COVID-19, fear and fear began to fill the air, and the topic of how to scientific epidemic prevention and choose the right face mask was once again initiated by everyone. As the demand for face mask continues to rise, the market for face mask is also increasingly hot, and people can see a variety of face mask on the market. So how to choose a face mask? The following will be analyzed from several aspects.

Here is the content:

  • Some types of face masks

  • How to choose face masks in different scenarios

  • Proper selection of masks

Some types of face masks

(1) Common masks: Ordinary paper masks and cotton masks have no relevant technical standards, and are generally used for anti-freezing or dust-proof with weak protection ability.

(2) Civil health/protective face masks: The group standards of T/CNTAC55-2020 or T/CNITA09104-2020 for Civil Health Masks shall be implemented, and the bacterial filtering efficiency shall be no less than 95%, meeting the daily life and work needs of most people.

(3) Medical face masks (general/surgical): Comply with YY/T0969-2013 or YY 0469-2011 Technical Requirements for Surgical Masks, made of non-woven fabric or composite materials, provide physical barriers to prevent the transmission of blood, body fluids and splashes, suitable for general protection of medical staff and related personnel.

(4) N95/KN95 mask: Non-oily particles can be effectively filtered by high-efficiency electrostatic cotton filter and melt-blown non-woven material, and the filtration rate is greater than 95%. Provides respiratory protection.

How to choose face masks in different scenarios

(1) For people with low risk exposure: The public in crowded areas such as supermarkets, shopping malls, transport vehicles and elevators; Indoor office staff; Person quarantined at home and living with them; Children in nurseries, school students, etc. Disposable protective face masks are recommended.

(2) For people at higher risk of exposure: Person visiting medical institutions such as hospitals or fever clinics; People who go to high-density places such as railway stations and airports and stay for a long time; People who go out in hazy weather; Personnel testing environmental and biological samples associated with the outbreak. It is recommended to wear a protective face mask that meets the STANDARDS of N95/KN95 and above.

Proper selection of face mask

There are many printed and dyed masks on the market, which are very popular with consumers, and the monthly sales volume can even reach tens of thousands. However, some people question whether the mask really has the function of epidemic prevention. In fact, the most crucial point to judge whether a mask has the function of epidemic prevention is to look at the code! Formal mask packaging should be marked with standard codes, which can truly meet the requirements of epidemic prevention: Medical protective masks (GB19093-2010), Medical surgical masks (YY0469-2011), Disposable medical masks (YY/T 0969-2013), Daily protective masks (GB/T 32610-2016), Children's masks (GB/T (3888-2020). The state has made clear regulations on the dyeing and printing quality of masks for civil use: the color fastness of the inner and outer layers of masks shall not be lower than grade 3 to prevent the discomfort caused by the shedding of dyes on the face, and the dyeing and printing parts shall not contain the aromatic amine dyes that can break down and cause cancer. Not every mask that calls itself a "medical mask" can be used to protect against disease. Check to see if your mask meets the standards.

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