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Different types of surgical gown

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Different types of surgical gown

A surgical gown is a type of medical clothing used to protect a patient from pathogens during surgery. They provide an additional level of cleanliness and hygiene for the surgical team, which is especially important in a hospital setting where multiple patients may be undergoing surgery at any one time.

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  • The development of surgical gown in China

  • Different grades of surgical gown

  • Structural design of surgical gown

The development of surgical gown in China

After decades of development, composite materials have been widely used in the development and production of aami level1 surgical gown in European and American companies. In China, cotton gowns are still used in most operations, except for some operations with special needs. The outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003 was the first time that Korean doctors realized the importance of aami level2 surgical gowns. During the SARS outbreak, the Quartermaster Equipment Research Institute of the General Logistics Department worked with related companies to develop and design SARS protective clothing. In recent years, the demand for aami level1 surgical gown with high protective performance has been increasing, and the national standard YY/T0506 has been formulated to introduce and promote composite surgical gown in the domestic market.

Different grades of surgical gown

(1) Cotton surgical gown. Medical institutions are the most widely used and most dependent aami level1 surgical gown, although it has good air permeability, but the barrier protection function is poor. Cotton material is prone to floc shedding, so that the annual maintenance cost of hospital ventilation equipment will have a great burden.

(2) High-density polyester fabric. This kind of fabric is mainly polyester fiber, and conductive material is embedded on the fabric surface, so that the fabric has a certain antistatic effect so as to improve the comfort of the wearer. This kind of fabric has certain hydrophobicity, it is not easy to produce cotton deflocculation and high reuse rate. This kind of fabric has good bacteriostatic effect.

(3) PE (polyethylene), TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastic rubber), PTFE (teflon) multi-layer laminating film composite surgical clothes. The aami level1 surgical gown has excellent protective performance and comfortable air permeability, which can effectively block the penetration of blood, bacteria and even viruses. But the popularity in China is not very wide.

(4) (PP) Polypropylene spunbond cloth. Compared with traditional cotton gown, the appearance of the material because of its low cost, and has certain antibacterial, antistatic wait for an advantage, so it can be as the material of disposable gown, but the hydrostatic pressure resistance of the material is lower, and the barrier effect of viruses is poor, so only as a sterile aami level2 surgical gown.

(5) Polyester fiber and wood pulp composite water thorn cloth. It is generally used only as a material for disposable surgical gowns.

(6) Polypropylene spunbond - melt-blown - spinning. Adhesive composite non-woven fabric (SMS or SMMS): as a high-quality product of new composite materials, the material also has high hydrostatic pressure resistance after three resistance (anti-alcohol, anti-blood, anti-oil), anti-static and anti-bacterial treatment. SMS nonwovens are widely used at home and abroad to make high-grade aami level2 surgical gowns. This is the SMS surgical gown.

Structural design of surgical gown

The new level3 surgical gown can keep the neck warm by setting a protective collar, by setting the hand pocket, it is beneficial for the surgical personnel to temporarily put their hands in the hand pocket while waiting during the operation, which plays a protective role and is more in line with the principles of aseptic operation and occupational protection. By setting the shrink cuff, it is convenient to make the cuff close to the wrist, prevent the cuff from being loose, and prevent the gloves from slipping off during the operation, resulting in the exposure of the surgical staff's hand to the gloves. The design of the new level3 surgical gown has been improved in the key areas of the gown, with double thickening of the forearm and the chest area, and a hand pocket in front of the chest and abdomen. By setting reinforcing plates (double layer structure) in key areas, it is beneficial to improve the impermeability of the surgical gown and improve its safety.

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